2016-2017 Official Team Roster

Approved Certified Roster
Original Approval: 2016-09-02 15:01:26
Last Updated: 2017-02-09 23:08:19
Approved by: FIEVET, CATHY
Program: OHH0019
Team: LakeErie Tigers 03
Team ID: OHH0019-008
Classification: 14 & Under (Bantam)
Category: Tier II Division: AA  NTB: Yes

Players (16)

Last Name First Name Jersey # Position DOB DOB Verification Transfer Zip
ANDERSON BLAKE H A None 02/2003 Verified N/A 16505
BALZER NATHAN H A None 09/2003 Verified N/A 16428
BALZER TYLER H A None 02/2002 Verified N/A 16428
DOVICHOW DEVON H A None 09/2004* Verified N/A 16417
FAULKNER AUSTIN H A None 05/2003 Verified N/A 16509
GINN CONNOR H A None 04/2003 Verified N/A 16506
GLUNT GABRIEL H A None 12/2003 Verified N/A 16412
KEPPEL DREW H A None 04/2003 Verified N/A 14701
LOZA MATTHEW H A None 01/2003 Verified N/A 16415
MARINO DOMINIC H A None 04/2004* Verified N/A 16417
MARTIN JOSHUA H A None 09/2003 Verified N/A 16442
MCKINSEY RYAN H A None 08/2002 Verified N/A 16316
MILLER CURTIS H A None 08/2003 Verified N/A 16412
PETERSON DOMINIC H A None 06/2003 Verified N/A 16504
SZEWCZYK KEEGAN H A None 09/2003 Verified N/A 16506
ZAMBROSKI JONATHAN H A None 02/2003 Verified N/A 16510

Staff (5)

Last Name First Name Position Card Number Level Certified Certification Expires Module SafeSport Screening
FAULKNER MICHAEL Head Coach 0000302158 4 12/31/20** BA14 Verified Completed
Email: ERIN@FSTOOLINC.COM Phone: (814) 434-2262
BALZER DONALD Coach 0000393303 3 12/31/2018 BA14 Verified Incomplete
Email: BALZERCRF325@AOL.COM Phone: (814) 860-9806
MARTIN ROBERT Coach 0000419762 3 12/31/2017 BA14 Verified Incomplete
Email: ROBERTRAYMARTIN@GMAIL.COM Phone: (814) 218-6206
ZAMBROSKI RICHARD Coach 0000358025 3 12/31/2018 BA14 Verified Completed
Email: ZAMBO5@ROADRUNNER.COM Phone: (814) 434-1239
GLUNT DAVID Team Rep/Manager 0000393315 3 12/31/2018 BA14 Verified Completed
Email: DAVIDTGLUNT@GMAIL.COM Phone: (814) 397-9697

Team Notes

Date Created By Note
2016-09-22 21:22:20 FIEVET, CATHY (CM.FIEVET@GMAIL.COM) Coach Martins Screening is Complete.
2016-09-13 18:45:56 FIEVET, CATHY (CM.FIEVET@GMAIL.COM) Coach Balzers Screening is Complete.

* Indicates player's age is below the team's classification range. ** Indicates player's age is above the team's classification range.

Team Officials agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations of USA Hockey and Affiliate Association. A "V" in the DOB Verification column indicates the DOB has been verified by USAH, no additional documents are required. If a transfer is required for a Non-US Citizen it will be listed in the Transfer column. If a transfer has been completed it will say complete and the type of transfer will be listed. Individuals listed as a Team Rep/Mgr may not participate in on-ice activities, or be on the bench during games.